AAA Announces Improved Prepaid Credit Card Program With Visa

(Meta Bank has provided terrible customer care because of the AAA VISA TRAVEL CARD. Don’t purchase it. ) AAA has established this has improved its prepaid credit card services and products making use of Visa Inc. And MetaBank as key program lovers. The brand new AAA Visa TravelMoney card and Visa Gift card are actually offered by participating AAA locations around the world.


25, 2008 february

Meta Payment Systems Introduces iAdvance Credit Alternative(IAdvance has therefore numerous complaints from clients. Usually do not decide on this card. )

Meta Payments Systems has announced “the iAdvance credit line for the an incredible number of Us americans that are struggling to access affordable, little buck credit. ”


07, 2007 august

The GreenPay MasterCard Charge Card

(an advertising Gimmick and absolutely nothing more. )Fintura Corporation has established the GreenPay MasterCard charge card – calling it “a new rewards that are eco-friendly card in the us where the reward idea goes straight toward the acquisition and retirement of carbon credit offsets. The GreenPay MasterCard allows conservation-minded customers to battle international warming with every card purchase. ” The card is released by MetaBank.


July 31, 2007

FSV Payment Techniques, Meta Partner with Parago

Parago, a provider of rebate, ( Rebates. Whenever do they ever arrive? When it is by means of a prepaid credit card, |card that is prepaid exactly how will that actually work? ) motivation and promotion solutions, (Incentives? Often times the income is not regarding the prepaid present cards or there are charges to obtain yours cash. ) has established “FSV Payment Systems has been chosen being a strategic partner for prepaid solutions. Within the newly created partnership, FSV Payment Systems will manage processing while their partner, Meta Payment techniques will give you bank that is issuing. ”(Netspend Has a complete large amount of complaints made about this. Don’t decide on Netspend)


May 03, 2007

TIO Networks Launches Prepaid Cards at Exxon, Mobil Ease Shops

ExxonMobil, TIO Networks Corporation and NetSpend Corporation, has announced the launch regarding the TIO Prepaid MasterCard at participating Exxon and Mobil convenience shop places over the united states of america. The card is given by MetaBank. (men and women have reported about having problems getting these cards reloaded)


23, 2007 april

Who’s News – Re Re Payments Experts Management Modifications

(Meta Bank gets other folks to accomplish their dirty work so they really will get richer and richer. You certainly will just obtain a little cut)

We’ve gotten news associated with the after management that is recent:

? Scott Galit happens to be called Executive Vice President associated with the Meta Payment Systems product at Meta Financial Group. Based on Meta, “Galit is really a pioneer into the prepaid credit card industry & most recently ended up being Senior Vice President of worldwide Prepaid Products at MasterCard Worldwide. Ahead of joining MasterCard, Scott ended up being SVP and GM of First Data Prepaid Systems. ”

Announce yourself! Maybe you have recently taken on a brand new place in the repayments industry? If you’d prefer to share the headlines together with your peers, make sure to reveal about any of it. Looking for a brand new job that is payments-related? Or will you be the need to find some body great? Checkout the repayments work task board.

20, 2007 february

Debit Cards For Immigrants

(Meta Bank targets the essential susceptible and in addition seeks out other’s posterior muscle group)

Erika Hayasaki writes for the l. A. Circumstances concerning the Sigo card – a prepaid MasterCard debit card made for immigrants. Sigo cards are granted by MetaBank and marketed by IDT Stored Value Services. Extra information about Sigo can be obtained to their internet site. (Publicity maybe not compiled by immigrants nor their spokespeople)

30, 2006 december

A review of SiGo

(promotion: written to get one to feel good about scamming Immigrants for Meta Bank)

A prepaid MasterCard debit card issued by MetaBank and distributed by IDT Stored Value Systems in an article titled ‘Immigrants Wary of Banks Put Faith in New Card”, Steven Greenhouse writes for the New York Times about SiGo. Greenhouse reports that cards can be an “ideal device for 30 million employees, both foreign-born and native, who lack bank reports and frequently face high check-cashing charges and difficult hurdles in spending bills. ”

13, 2006 december

Visa United States Of America, MetaBank establish Visa Prepaid Contactless Cards Visa USA has established “the launch of its very first contactless prepaid cards, supplying customers a faster and much more convenient method to pay and providing merchants increased income opportunities, increased throughput and improved consumer commitment. MetaBank could be the first standard bank to issue the cards. “

15, 2006 november

PAYjr Prepaid MasterCard For Teenagers

(Meta Bank will simply abuse teenagers. They constantly get following the most susceptible. Please bank locally. Meta Bank is where plans get all incorrect when put into training. )

PAYjr, online cash administration system for teenagers, has established it is currently supplying a prepaid MasterCard card, given by MetaBank, as a companion with their online PAYjr solution that can help moms and dads show their teens just how to handle their allowance and develop better investing practices.

Catwalk Distribution Has Industry Debit Card For Versions

(Meta Bank desires yet another achilles’ tendon. Usually do not purchase into Meta Bank with this card. )

Catwalk Distribution together with Trycera Financial, has established the Model visit web-site Prepaid MasterCard, a service that is“full device made to help professional and aspiring models and actors handle their finances smarter, quicker and safer than previously. ”

The following are all affiliates in a single means of Meta Bank. Keep your life quick and easy by keeping away from having any such thing to do with Meta Bank. Any indisputable fact that might have been good, constantly make a mistake when it’s completed with Meta Bank since they are blinded by greed.

AAA Announces Improved Prepaid Credit Card Program With Visa